Jan Thoben

Video Theories.
A Transdisciplinary Reader

Consisting of a selection of eighty-three annotated source texts and twelve chapter introductions written by the editors, this book considers fifty years of scholarly and artistic reflections on the topic, representing an intergenerational and international set of voices. This transdisciplinary reader offers a conceptual framework for diverging and contradictory viewpoints, following the continuous transformations of what video was, is, and will be.

Dieter Daniels and Jan Thoben (Ed.), Video Theories - A Transdiciplinary Reader, New York: Bloomsbury, 2022


Boxed Set
Alvin Lucier.
I am sitting in a room.
Archival Recordings 1969-2019

Limited Edition Boxed Set (500 numbered copies)

Jan Thoben, Bernhard Rietbrock and Trevor Saint, the editors of this publication, compiled ten archival recordings of Alvin Lucier’s most well-known composition “I am sitting in a room” as well as a 124-page book containing numerous articles and Mary Lucier's complete Polaroid Image Series: ROOM. For the first time, this collection of recordings represents the widely unknown genealogy of what is today regarded as one of the most important experimental compositions of the 20th century. The editors were able to unearth previously unreleased archival material ranging from Lucier’s first preliminary attempt to realize this piece in 1969 to his last performance of "I am sitting in a room" in Riga, Latvia in 2019.

This publication includes texts by:
Christopher Burns, Nicolas Collins, Florian Cramer, James Fei, Seth Kim-Cohen, Brandon LaBelle, Matthieu Saladin, Sabine Sanio, Martin Supper, Anette Vandsø

released 2021 by Sound on Paper Editions